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Johan (SWE)

#16 Beitrag von Johan (SWE) » 6. Sep 2006 21:48


I have followed the discussions in the German section, 'Mögliches Problem mit dem Federbein' since I can understand German good.

I figure that I need to drop you guys a line to straighten out a few things since there is a lot of speculation going on:

First of all, I ride solo and never carry a passenger during my rides.

Secondly, I ride 95% on asphalt, and 5% offroad. Asphalt can be defined as work < > home rides, and vacations. Offroad can be defined as driving in low speeds under 30 Km/h on gravel roads in the mountains of Italy.

Thirdly, I never use the Touratech ZEGA cases daily, nor do I overload the motorcycle when I go on vacation. I will explain further

The standard weight of a Yamaha XT 660 R = 176 Kg
Original exhaust were removed, -11,5 Kg = 164,5 Kg
Akrapovic exhausts were mounted, + 4,91 Kg = 169,41 Kg
Touratech pannier rack was mounted, + @ 5 Kg = 174,41 Kg
Touratech ZEGA cases 2 X @ 5 kg + 10 Kg = 184,41 Kg
Touratech Large Carter Plate @ 5 Kg = 189,41
Touatech Luggage Carrier @ 3 Kg = 192,41

Sub total weight @ 192 Kg give a little more or less. @ 16 Kg overweight if compared to a stock motorcycle.

Now, let's move on to the cargo:

1 x Crazy driver = 89 Kg

ZEGA Case One = @ 10 Kg
-Trangia kitchen
-Optimus Nova burner
-Plastic plates and cutlery
-Two nalgene bottles with food
-Clothing, socks, underwear

ZEGA Case Two = @ 10 Kg
-1 Litre Shell Advance 10 W 40
-1 Litre Petrol for Nova burner
-Large First Aid Kit
-Two nalgene bottles with food
-Clothing, tee shirts, sweaters

Ortlieb L Watertight Bag = 8 Kg
-REI Two person tent
-Sleeping bag

Tank bag = 4 Kg
-Rain clothes
-Small items

Total load @ 121 Kg

If we add the 16 Kg 'overweight' due to the accessories, we get 16 + 121 Kg which equals 137 Kg of total load. This is way under the maximum of 186 Kg limit!

I might be wrong with estimating the actual weight of some individual items, but I do not believe that the marginal of error is 49 Kg!

For the record, I am an experienced and seasoned driver who is as stunned about this incident as you are. Please give the facts of the case the benefit of the doubt. I hope as much as you do that this is an isolated incident.




#17 Beitrag von eXTra » 7. Sep 2006 06:55

Hi Johan,

well, this in fact is a frightening thing if it happens without overloading and we all hope it to be an isolated incident.

But after it once happend to you do you really want to take again the original Yamaha part?

Especially after I saw your demolished carter plate I would suggest to buy another rear suspension like I will do for they have also the advantage of being adjustable about the height, like some Wilbers rear suspensions.

I think particularly off road our XT could benefit a lot of more "air" between the carter plate and the ground - and by the way the Wilbers don't use this pegs which broke off because they have another technique to preload the spring.

I am lucky you got away without any injuries and take care of you!

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Johan (SWE)

#18 Beitrag von Johan (SWE) » 7. Sep 2006 07:42

Hi Cet,

Thank you for your post! I hope that the information I posted has brought some more clarification to the 'weight and usage situation' of my XTR.

At this point of time, I am assuming that the shock absorber failure is an isolated incident. I will use the Yamaha shock absorber for now, but the chance is great that I will change both front and rear suspension to components from Wilbers next season. Like you, I have also noted that the Wilbers has a completely different design, using a ring, instead of pegs.

With respect to the original Yamaha carter plate, I can confirm that it is not suitable for offroad. If you use Continental KCT 80 tires front and rear, every stone that can be picked up by the front tire in particular will be catapulted towards the carter plate. Your motorcycle will sound like a German Lutheran Church on a Sunday morning, if you wish. The original Yamaha carter plate gives you an offroad look, but it cannot handle the job when you drive on gravel roads in the mountains. :lol:

Since my vacation in Italy last year, I have mounted the Touratech carter plate, 'Motorschuss Gross', made out of 4 mm aluminium. I am very satisfied with the quality of this carter plate, and I have not experienced any problems ever since.

For those of us that require more ground clearance, I would suggest to mount the OTR 2-1 exhaust system and modify the carter plate mounts so that it is closer to the engine block. This would give you another five cm or so of ground clearance.




#19 Beitrag von eXTra » 7. Sep 2006 16:30

Thanks for the hint about the Touratech "Motorschutz gross", after my original Yamaha plate is gone this will be the one.

It is a sad thing to see original Yamaha parts being of such a poor quality.

I wish you "Allzeit gute Fahrt"!


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